Turkey Carving With Mighty Carver

Turkey Carving With Mighty Carver

Turkey carving is an art and a science. It’s an art because the final product is a platter of delicious slices of turkey ready for your guests to enjoy. If done properly, they will hesitate to disturb the beautiful platter. It’s a science because you need tools, and you need to understand the anatomy of a turkey. The Mighty Carver is the perfect tool to help you achieve both goals.

Turkey Carving Prep

The turkey obviously needs to be properly cooked. Using an oven bag is recommended as it ensures the meat will be moist. Regardless of how the bird is cooked, this article assumes it is done right and addresses what needs to be done after the cooking. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Wear vinyl or latex gloves because you will be touching and arranging the food.
  2. Remove the turkey from the oven and place it on a cutting board with a towel under it so it doesn’t slide.
  3. Cut the string used to truss the turkey.
  4. Allow the turkey to rest and cool for about 20 minutes.
  5. Have your Mighty Carver, a large platter,  and a large 2 or 3 pronged fork on hand. (Spring loaded tongs also work well.)

As the aroma of the bird fills the room, everyone will want to eat but these simple steps will help you prepare the meal safely. Surely family members and friends will notice the Mighty Carver and ask if it’s a miniature chain saw. You can tell them it’s like a chain saw because it is powerful, good looking, and it gets the job done!

Turkey Carving Done Efficiently

When it comes to meat cutting, the Mighty Carver has no rival. It will slice through a huge turkey in no time. It will allow the server to save their strength and save time. Why expend unnecessary energy and time looking for the right knife in a drawer?

  • Start by removing the breast lobe sections cut from the keel bone (center) and sides to remove them. Place the large portions on the platter.
  • Then pull back the drumsticks and cut through to the joints and separate from the carcass. Place the large portions on the platter.
  • Flip the bird over and remove the wings in the same manner as the drumsticks. Place the wings on the platter.
  • Remove the thighs by cutting back from the wing joints. The Mighty Carver is also effective in boning the thighs if desired. Place sections on the platter.
  • Roll the carcass over and pull out the remaining meat for use in stews or soups.
  • Take the large pieces and cut into small sections by cross-cutting against the grain.
  • The drumsticks can be served whole (for the vikings in the family) or stood on end and sliced downward into smaller pieces.
  • Arrange the pieces as artistically as you please. Be creative!

Turkey Carving For A Gorgeous Platter

In an earlier post we spoke about bread-cutting as an art. But a turkey can be a masterpiece!

The breasts are pre-sliced and laid out nicely, the dark meat is sliced and placed in the center of the platter and it’s all topped with every dad and little brother’s favorite: turkey legs.

The combination of the family gathering or special event, the smells of cooking, and a huge platter of beautiful turkey slices makes for great memories. The Mighty Carver sitting over on the counter adds to the charm. Use your skill and knowledge with the best tool to create an amazing meal for those you love. They will remember it forever.

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