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Mighty Carver Electric Knife

Mighty Carver Electric Knife

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The Mighty Carver Electric Knife is a carving knife with the design and power of a chainsaw. Don’t just carve your Thanksgiving turkey — make memories that will last a lifetime and give people an experience they’ll love.

With dual stainless steel blades and a carving fork, the Mighty Carver can be used on almost any food: ham, cheese, fruit, vegetables, bread, and so much more!

Includes a carving fork.

Key Features

  • Dual stainless steel blades
  • Simple blade release (button activated)
  • Easy cleaning
  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Ergonomic handle or chainsaw feel and control
  • Blade guard for consistent carving
  • Includes carving fork

Shipping Information

*Please note that charges are processed upon order placement, not upon shipment of order. Thank you.

Shipping Reminder

Please remember to always select shipping appropriate for your holiday events to make sure you get it on time.

*Note: Deliveries to Canada require additional custom charges at the border.

Need to calculate your shipping?

Remember that Mighty Carvers are shipped from Florida, 32771. Please make certain to allow time (and choose the appropriate shipping) in order for us to get your Mighty Carver to you in a timely fashion.

Please see photo below for estimated lead times on shipments from Florida to states across the U.S.

Product Specifications

LENGTH:  19.0 in.

WIDTH:  5.8 in.

HEIGHT:  8.7 in.

WEIGHT:  3.44lbs



How heavy is it?
This carving knife is surprisingly light — just like a traditional carving knife.

Will it cut through turkey bone or steak bone?
Unfortunately no, this knife is not made to cut through bone. It slices meat very well, especially thin-sliced. The Mighty Carver has been used by our customers to slice bread smoothly into thin delicate slices, cheese into cubes, and fruit into juicy pieces for the whole family to share.

Does it have a battery for optional cordless use?
Not at this time — it must be plugged into an outlet. We have looked into making this an option, but our manufacturers are concerned about the weight and being too heavy.

Are the blades and chainsaw cover dishwasher safe?
Yes, the stainless steel blades are dishwasher safe, and easy to remove for washing. However, the chainsaw cover is not dishwasher safe.

Does the knife come with a case?
The knife does not come with a case at this time.

When is my payment processed?
Upon order placement. We are not able to hold your credit card information so purchases are processed immediately.

What is your return policy?
Returns must be made within 30 days of receiving your item. Product must be in new & unused condition, with all original product inserts and accessories.

Can you use a regular cutting board to cut food on?
We recommend using any surface you would normally use an electric knife on.

How do you clean it?
With the click of the button, the stainless steel blades are released and can easily be washed. The plastic guard is dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand-washing the stainless steel blades. See our printable instructions here.

Does the blade disconnect from the handle?
Yes — there is a button to release. See our printable instructions here.

Can you use this knife to cut fruits and vegetables?
Yes — we encourage it. Give watermelon a try for a little fun for everyone!

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