Give The Mighty Carver For A Job Well Done

Give The Mighty Carver For A Job Well Done

How does a company or organization reward their stars? It could be for top performance, most sales, excellent leadership, holidays, retirement, or a year-end bonus. Executives know the value of showing appreciation to their top people for a job well done.

According to recognition expert Dr. Bob Nelson, the most effective employee rewards are also the least expensive. You don’t need to send employees on pricey vacations to Hawaii or present elaborate trophies.

There are as many reward systems as there are businesses. Some owners or CEOs are so frugal they wouldn’t even hand out left-over Halloween candy to their employees. Others are so generous that they spend as much on their team as they do on their own families. Obviously, it depends on how large the company is and the relationship or status of the worker. A high ranking executive will tend to attract a larger reward than a first year intern.

What is the PERFECT gift for a job well done? If an owner is thinking of a number of people, something very expensive might be out of reach. And obviously we don’t want to hand out inexpensive or frivolous items. That would be counter-productive.

So let’s consider a few reasons to gift Mighty Carvers to the people that work alongside you to earn success.

A Job Well Done Deserves Appreciation

Almost anything will cover this. Even small gestures can communicate your heart-felt appreciation for a wonderful team member. However, this needs to be communicated. Just handing out gifts can be impersonal and take the meaning out of what can potentially be a spark of encouragement. A Mighty Carver is in the sweet spot of affordability and value for showing your best performers how much you appreciate them.

A Job Well Done Deserves Recognition

Most leaders would not secretly reward their people, unless they are hiding something. Maybe a mafia boss would do that as he secretly passes the envelope with cash to his favorite hit man. But I digress. Good leaders know the benefits of social recognition:

  • It Drives Measurable Business Results
  • It Inspires Employee Engagement
  • It Retains Top Talent
  • It Breathes Life Into Your Values

It’s nice to get a tee-shirt or a coffee mug in front of your peers but as these small things are set aside, there will be a tendency to forget the moment. On the contrary, a Mighty Carver is an awesome gift that will be cherished for many years. Every time it is used at family gatherings, they will remember the special moment awarded in front of their peers.

A Job Well Done Deserves a Reward

For the sake of conversation, let’s delegate gold watches for retirement only. The Mighty Carver is one of those few rare gifts that will feel like a reward as well as have lasting value.

You can order your Mighty Carver now to reward your valuable team members, show them they are appreciated, and recognize their contribution to the success and growth of your business!

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