Bread Cutting Electric Knife

Make Bread Cutting Easy with an Electric Knife

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about electric knives is carving the turkey at Thanksgiving. But often it is not perceived as a knife for bread cutting. The fact is there is no reason not to use a Mighty Carver for cutting bread.

Bread Cutting Electric Knife

The same advantages of using electric knives applies to bread cutting as well as meat or vegetable cutting. Here are a few of them from Best Reviews:

  • A motor is used to provide power, which means less exertion for you.
  • You can easily handle thicker cuts if desired.
  • It’s faster than cutting with a knife by hand.
  • Electric knives cut more precisely and with accuracy.
  • Using an electric knife is safer than a regular knife.

There is no question the Mighty Carver is a show stopping holiday gift. The aspect of bread-cutting is often over-looked when thinking of electric knives. However, every good meal includes rolls, sliced bread, and bread products.

Bread Cutting is an Art

Connoisseurs of bread may prefer an expensive hand-wrought Italian blade to do their cutting, but the same concepts mentioned above are still true. If it is an art, why can’t that art be expressed with a big, beautiful Mighty Carver?

Some artists only use oil paints because that’s what the masters used. But remember, acrylic paints did not exist in those days so there was no choice. Both oil and acrylic paints have their own strengths, just as a traditional knife and an electric knife do.

Bread Cutting is Time Consuming

The time saved alone is worth the effort of purchasing a Mighty Carver. When your friends all gather and you want to catch up, the last thing you want to do is waste time in food preparation. In fact, you may want to invite friends to watch you cut the bread with a Mighty Carver. It’s the perfect conversation piece; they will love it!

The Mighty Carver is a Perfect Knife for Bread

The ease and accuracy of cutting bread with a Mighty Carver makes it a pleasure to own. Pick one up now to use for the holidays and all-year round. Every occasion is the perfect time to get out your Mighty Carver.

Mighty Carver Shows Electric Knife Benefits

Mighty Carver Shows Electric Knife Benefits

It could be said that no one NEEDS an electric knife. It could ALSO be said that no one needs air conditioning, internet connection, or flush toilets. Living in the 21st Century has its benefits. As the Mighty Carver storms the market as the most unique slicer in the world, let’s ask the question, “How does the Mighty Carver show electric knife benefits?”

Chopping, slicing, and carving can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Wouldn’t it be nice if there could be an easier way to carve a Thanksgiving turkey or make your prep work be almost effortless every single time?

Mighty Carver Shows Electric Knife Benefits

The Mighty Carver Has All of the Electric Knife Benefits of Its Competitors

There are a few logical benefits of using a power utensil. Electric knives are not a new invention, but Mighty Carver has taken a great idea and made it better.

  • It saves time
  • It save energy
  • It cuts meat perfectly
  • It is easy to use
  • It is inexpensive

We can add a few to the list because the Mighty Carver is:

  • Fun
  • Cool looking
  • Awesome
  • Manly

The Mighty Carver Makes a Perfect Holiday Gift

Of course, the Mighty Carver is at the top of many shopping lists as the holidays approach.

Nearly anyone you would want to give a unique gift to will be thrilled to receive the Mighty Carver! It even meets the need for those folks who are so hard to shop for or have “everything.” They will be excited to get a Mighty Carver and will think of you every time they use it in the years to come.

The Mighty Carver Is a Great Conversation Piece

Imagine this – the family is gathered for the meal, and the lucky person designated as the “meat cutter” will demonstrate how fun and easy it is to carve meat, veggies, and fruit with the Mighty Carver. Eyes will open wide and jaws will drop as this amazing tool goes to work. They will be talking about the little chainsaw in the kitchen all day! Later, when everybody is playing board games and start getting hungry again, they will be treated to round two of the Mighty Carver. Maybe Uncle Joe will do the honors. But be careful to avoid a family quarrel over WHO gets the honor.

Electric Knife History

Electric Knife History

Let’s think about the history of the electric knife. Obviously it’s shorter than the invention of the electric motor (Allessandro Volta, 1800). Is it really a necessary tool or is it merely a passing fad?

Electric Knife History

Let’s start with a simple definition of an electric knife.

What is an Electric Knife?

An electric knife (i.e., electric carving knife) is an electrical kitchen appliance used for slicing foods. It requires less physical effort than an ordinary knife and produces more defined slices. The device consists of two serrated blades that are clipped together and oscillate via a small electric motor.

Who Invented the Electric Knife?

Jerome L. Murray (1913-1998) invented the electric knife. He was a great inventor of his day and held 75 patents that have had great impact on American life.

Mr. Murray was passionate about making daily tasks simpler for all people. He invented things that were useful, time-saving, and practical.

I’ve never seen courses in the art of inventing. Science and marketing can be learned, but inspiration comes from within.

When was the Electric Knife Invented?

The electric knife was invented very recently and within our lifetime or not many years before. It was originally patented in 1964 and eventually became a common kitchen utensil made by companies like Black + Decker and KitchenAid.

What are the Purposes of Electric Knives?

Electric knives are mostly used for meat cutting. At Thanksgiving meals the electric knife has become an American cultural icon. They are also used in restaurants and in the meat industry. There are smaller versions used for surgeries in the medical field. To a lesser extent, craftsmen use them for cutting non food solids or semi-solid substances such as wood, metal, and foam-rubber. Electric knives are manufactured with the option of being corded or cordless.

Why Did You Make the Mighty Carver?

Simple. We did it for you. We want people to enjoy their families and friends. Our goal is for you to have a practical tool in your hands that will save time, get the job done, and entertain your guests.

What more could anyone ask for? If you want more, check out our history of how the Mighty Carver came into existence!

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