The Mighty Carver Story

The Mighty Carver Story

Family Cabin

Please allow me to share with you how the idea of the Mighty Carver story came to be. Our family owns a small cabin on top of a mountain near Missoula, Montana.  We don’t get out there much but when we do, there is generally a  list of things to be done around the property. One of these includes “Limbing Up” the trees. To avoid the chance of wild fires burning down our property, we trim the small branches and bushes around the trunks of the trees. We do this when there is still moisture in and around the acreage and the leaves are still green. The men in our family love to use the chain saw and cut away at unwanted brush. Their faces are all smiles as they cut away with the powerful tool. If I were to ask my husband or son, “Hey could you go out and cut down that tree for me?” they wouldn’t hesitate for a moment.  They would jump up and head out to the shed for the chain saw.

Holiday Dinner Solution: Mighty Carver Story

Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude. Nigel Hamilton

At Thanksgiving dinner as far back as I can remember, I would get out the electric carving knife for Grandpa. He would carefully carve the turkey to serve the family. This is a wonderful tradition shared by most Americans. But Grandpa’s been gone for a year now and at the last Thanksgiving dinner I asked, “Hey, who wants to carve the turkey this year?”  No one looked up, no one said a word. I thought to myself, come on you guys, you all love power tools, what is the problem?  Then it hit me. “If this were a chain saw, you boys would be fighting over who gets to carve the turkey.”

This is how the Mighty Carver story was born, an amazing tool for dads and special people in your life, including the ladies!