Perfect Gift for Dad: The Mighty Carver

Choosing an ideal gift is always a challenge. For some reason it always seems harder to get Dad’s perfect gift.

Maybe it’s because dads tend to collect toys and tools. How do you get a tool that he doesn’t already have? Unless he posts a wish list at Lowe’s or Home Depot, the only option is gift cards that are impersonal.

The Mighty Carver has arrived just in time for Dad! Learn about Mighty Carver story for inspiration for the perfect gift for dad.

Finding a Perfect Gift for Dad is Frustrating

Getting him an ugly sweater might be hilarious, but it could also be a waste of money. Plaid shirts probably will be stored and collected in drawers forever.

It’s likely that most of us are unable to give Dad a new Range Rover, or a speedboat, or all of creation. We know you would give him the moon if you could.

With the choicest gifts of the ancient mountains and the fruitfulness of the everlasting hills; with the best gifts of the earth and its fullness.  

Moses Blessing on the Tribes

However, Moses was beyond wealthy and was very well connected.

So What Can We Give to Dad to Really Make His Day?

Just because Dad has everything doesn’t mean there isn’t a price to be paid. Maybe a simple way to keep track would be an inexpensive gift.

For the man who has everything – a calendar to remind him when payments are due!

Dad is a special person who you may want to spend a little more that ten bucks on!

The Perfect Gift for Dad is The Mighty Carver

The Mighty Carver is an absolutely PERFECT gift that he will cherish for years and every time the family gathers for a meal. Dad will remember your thoughtfulness as he carves the ham or turkey. It’s very affordable and yields tremendous returns.

This is a BEAUTIFUL tool. It’s not merely a kitchen utensil; it’s a TOOL. Dad will appreciate the semantics.

  • Inexpensive
  • Practical
  • Conversation Piece
  • Useful Tool
  • Manly Style

Pre-order now, and we will be sure your Mighty Carvers are delivered on time!

The Mighty Carver For A Job Well Done

Give The Mighty Carver For A Job Well Done

How does a company or organization reward their stars? It could be for top performance, most sales, excellent leadership, holidays, retirement, or a year-end bonus. Executives know the value of showing appreciation to their top people for a job well done.

According to recognition expert Dr. Bob Nelson, the most effective employee rewards are also the least expensive. You don’t need to send employees on pricey vacations to Hawaii or present elaborate trophies.

There are as many reward systems as there are businesses. Some owners or CEOs are so frugal they wouldn’t even hand out left-over Halloween candy to their employees. Others are so generous that they spend as much on their team as they do on their own families. Obviously, it depends on how large the company is and the relationship or status of the worker. A high ranking executive will tend to attract a larger reward than a first year intern.

What is the PERFECT gift for a job well done? If an owner is thinking of a number of people, something very expensive might be out of reach. And obviously we don’t want to hand out inexpensive or frivolous items. That would be counter-productive.

So let’s consider a few reasons to gift Mighty Carvers to the people that work alongside you to earn success.

The Mighty Carver For A Job Well Done

A Job Well Done Deserves Appreciation

Almost anything will cover this. Even small gestures can communicate your heart-felt appreciation for a wonderful team member. However, this needs to be communicated. Just handing out gifts can be impersonal and take the meaning out of what can potentially be a spark of encouragement. A Mighty Carver is in the sweet spot of affordability and value for showing your best performers how much you appreciate them.

A Job Well Done Deserves Recognition

Most leaders would not secretly reward their people, unless they are hiding something. Maybe a mafia boss would do that as he secretly passes the envelope with cash to his favorite hit man. But I digress. Good leaders know the benefits of social recognition:

  • It Drives Measurable Business Results
  • It Inspires Employee Engagement
  • It Retains Top Talent
  • It Breathes Life Into Your Values

It’s nice to get a tee-shirt or a coffee mug in front of your peers but as these small things are set aside, there will be a tendency to forget the moment. On the contrary, a Mighty Carver is an awesome gift that will be cherished for many years. Every time it is used at family gatherings, they will remember the special moment awarded in front of their peers.

A Job Well Done Deserves a Reward

For the sake of conversation, let’s delegate gold watches for retirement only. The Mighty Carver is one of those few rare gifts that will feel like a reward as well as have lasting value.

You can order your Mighty Carver now to reward your valuable team members, show them they are appreciated, and recognize their contribution to the success and growth of your business!

Unique Holiday Gift for the Men in Your Life

Unique Holiday Gift for the Men in Your Life

In our recent post, we discussed how perfect the Mighty Carver is the perfect gift for Dad. However, the Mighty Carver is a unique holiday gift for any of the men in your life.

Order one for Dad, Grandpa, your uncle, boyfriend, son, or son-in-law. The Mighty Carver is the perfect unique holiday gift for guys that have everything.

A good electric carving knife (yes, purists, they do exist) can help you dissect your bird like a professional, working expertly around the bones and producing those gorgeous wide slices of white meat trimmed with crispy golden skin.

— Good Housekeeping

This one-of-a kind tool will be the gift that the whole family will enjoy on holidays, birthdays, or any special occasion. Imagine being the hero of your family gathering, as your entire family watches on with admiration as you cleanly slice through the holiday ham.

Unique Holiday Gift for the Men in Your Life

A Unique Holiday Gift for Uncles

Uncles are like dads once removed. To many people, they are just like their dad. Their family is a part of your family. Their children are your cousins. Their wives are your aunts. Think of them, too. They’re going to love showing off their Mighty Carver.

A Unique Holiday Gift for Grandpas

Grandpas conjure up the warmest feelings and roots in a family. If he is elderly, he may not be able to join in the traditional family touch football game but he surely can carve a turkey. Make him feel special with a Mighty Carver!

A Unique Holiday Gift for Brothers

Even the brother who is a jerk can be made to feel appreciated as he comes to the family gathering with his special tool, the Mighty Carver.

A Unique Holiday Gift for The Guys Who Have Everything

There are a number of other very important men that could be mentioned:

  • Boyfriends
  • Fiancés
  • Teachers
  • Pastors
  • Bosses (rarely)
  • Landlords (even rarer)
  • Politicians (extremely rare)

Without a doubt, you could add several more categories to this list. The great thing about the Mighty Carver is that it falls into an ideal price range that makes it not a cheap knick-knack and not expensive at the same time.

Regardless of price, one thing you can count on is the absolute value of this gift that will keep on giving memories for many years to come.

Order your Mighty Carver Electric Knife now, and we will be sure your Mighty Carver gets to you when you need it most.

Best Gift Etiquette

Best Gift Etiquette

When people interact socially, certain rules of conduct make for a better experience. Of course, there is a wide range of cultural considerations, but for our discussion here we will limit the scope to the world we live in. Gift etiquette is not something everyone thinks about. Like sending thank-you cards, it seems to be a lost art.

But we can all work on improving our habits. Here are a few reasons why we should bring gifts when we attend social events.

Best Gift Etiquette

Gift Etiquette is Unexpected

An obvious principle in business is to offer what your competition fails to offer. Sometimes called, “Niche Markets,” this concept has produced countless success stories. And when it comes to social interaction, there is an opportunity to shine amongst the multitudes. It’s not so much about competition as it is about principle.

“Did you ever observe to whom accidents happen,” said chemist Dr. Louis Pasteur in 1854.  It is because “in the fields of observation, fortune favors the prepared mind.”

Yes, and the “prepared mind” thinks ahead. Bringing a gift is so much more than proving you are thoughtful. People like to partner with folks like that.

Gift Etiquette is Classy and Professional

Depending on the hosts and the context, a gift makes a powerful impact, especially if it is appropriate for the recipients and the occasion. Consider whether it is a dinner party, a holiday gathering, a house warming, a wedding shower, a baby shower, or any number of pertinent events. We want good and honorable people to welcome us into their circles. A small gift goes a long way to achieving that goal!

Gift Etiquette Builds Good Impressions

Hopefully using good gift etiquette is a reflection of the real you. Assuming it is, the result is like magic. People will remember a kindness for a long time. It pays to make this a part of your modus operandi.

The size or price of the gift is insignificant. What you need to focus on instead is what that person will like.

The Spruce

What is the best gift to bring to the hosts of the event? Flowers? Wine? Chocolate? Beer? There is a plethora of appropriate gifts, but it falls upon you to make this call. (Don’t bring beer to a baby shower, and don’t bring chocolate to a weight-watchers party.)

With family occasions particularly, the Mighty Carver would be a tremendous and appropriate gift. A few come to mind: birthdays, holiday gatherings, anniversaries, and graduation celebrations.

With the reasonable cost of a Mighty Carver, it’s worth thinking ahead. You can order yours today and come with a gift that will provide memories for years to come.

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